Meet our Psychologists


Jagadeesan Settu

Counselling Psychologist

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology
Experience - 2+ years
Fee - 650rs - 1000rs

Jagadeesan Settu, is a Counselling Psychologist, who graduated from Coventry University, United Kingdom with a degree in M.Sc. Applied Psychology with specialisation in Clinical, Counselling, Educational and Child Psychology.


He is well trained and has adequate experience in various counselling approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - CBT and adopts a Person-centered approach. He specialises in General Anxiety Disorder, Major Depression and dealing with Learning Disability in children.



Consultant Psychologist

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology
Experience - 2+ years
Fee - 650rs - 1000rs

Pavithra, the co-founder of Wevolve Mental Health Services is a practicing Mental Health Counsellor. She is trained in various approaches of Counselling and Psychotherapy. She adopts an eclectic approach towards Counselling with a special inclination towards CBT and Humanistic approach. She strives to help people fulfil their potential and maximize their well-being by providing a safe space for people to navigate through their emotional issues. She graduated from TISS-BALM where completed Master’s in Applied Psychology with specialisation in clinical psychology and is currently pursuing Diploma in Transactional Analysis. Aside from her profession, she is passionate about creating sustainable art, enjoys trekking and binge-watching series.

Language known: Tamil and English.



Consultant Psychologist

M.Sc. Counseling Psychology
Experience - 2+ year
Fee - 650rs - 1000rs

Pooja Sivaji, a psychologist equipped with the skills and has strong desire in counseling, healing and therapies. She is passionate in working towards enhancing the mental health of people from all walks of life through the dedicated means of therapeutic support using eclectic approach.


Being compassionate and passionate towards helping people with mental health issues which made her opt for Masters in Counselling Psychology in Madras School of Social Work, Chennai.


She has 2+ years of experience in handling several domains of mental health issues like 

1. Depression, loss & grief, stress & anxiety, abuse & addiction.

2. Relationship issues, academic issues, work life issues and Marital issues. 

By using counseling and psychotherapeutic approaches like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused approach, gestalt and humanistic approaches. Additionally she works in a hospital in chennai as psychologist.


Language known: Tamil, Telugu and English.


Arthika Ravichandran

Counselling Psychologist

M.Sc. Counseling Psychology
Experience - 2 years
Fee - 550rs - 800rs
Work timings: 5.00 P.M-8.00 P.M (Monday- Friday)

Arthika Ravichandran, a counselling psychologist and a school counsellor by profession. She holds a strong belief of “Empathy achieves what scholarships cannot”. In her sessions, she provides a non-judgmental and safe space for one to be truly themselves. She applies an eclectic approach with her clients which focusses on client’s empowerment more than their concerns. She looks forward in offering scientifically driven interventions aimed at improving client’s well-being and to have a positive impact on the lives she works with.

Languages Known - Tamil and English


Arshiya Fathima M

Counselling Psychologist

M.Sc. Applied Psychology
Experience - 1 Year
Fee - 500rs - 700rs

Arshiya Fathima is a skilled, hard-working, compassionate Mental Health Counsellor who aspires to combine the best of both psychology and education to enrich lives. she has a special interest towards languages and can communicate in Urdu, Tamil, Hindi and basic French in addition to English.


Trained in a variety of counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches like CBT (all 3 waves), cross-cultural counselling, Art therapy, Music & movement therapy, Psychological First Aid, Psychometric assessment. An IIT certified Soft skills and Personality Enrichment trainer. Has experience in several domains of mental health like  stress & anxiety management, depression, abuse & addiction personality enrichment, shadow teaching, early education and development(children).


Loves being the cheerful chirping bird and appreciates good sense of humour. Is extremely passionate about teaching, cooking, handicrafts, gardening and ayurveda. She is also an ardent follower of sustainable living.

Language known: Tamil, Hindi and English.

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Counselling Psychologist

Experience - 2 year
Fee - 500rs - 700rs

I am Nandhini, Counselling psychologist. My therapeutic orientation lies in an integrated and holistic approach. I am skilled at Cognitive behaviour therapy and Art therapy. My area of focus is relationship counselling, Individual Counselling related to anxiety, stress, work life problems, academic related problems and self esteem.I believe every individual has the capacity to learn,develop and overcome hardship, pain and despair. They just need a safe space to grow and discover themselves.

Language known: Tamil, English.

shivani photo.jpeg

Shivani Bhagavatula

Consultant Psychologist

Experience - 1 year
Fee - 500

Shivani Bhagavatula, a Master’s graduate in Psychology has a specialization in the Clinical Field. She holds various certifications – Neurofeedback, Dementia studies and Counselling.

She aspires to explore in field of Positive Psychology and the values upon which an individual built. Her core belief is ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’- which preaches that the entire world is a single family that belongs to the Supreme entity. Therefore, if any individual is afflicted, the only emotion that arises is Service. She looks forward to bringing back the culture of Yoga, Arts and Vedas, and amalgamate them in a Therapeutic realm.

She is a freelance writer and an author. Her hobbies include writing, reading, art and
conversations. She is extremely exuberant and loves to make new associations and explore the
world of variety. Looking forward to new Journey!


Nikitha S

Consultant Psychologist

Experience - 1 year
Fee - 600rs - 800rs

Nikitha, is a practicing mental health counsellor and a school psychologist by profession. She applies an eclectic approach with her clients with a special inclination towards CBT and humanistic approach. She is trained in various therapeutic approaches like Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), Rational emotional behaviour therapy (REBT), Emotion focused therapy (EFT) and Art therapy. 

Her area of focus is Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Work life Issues, Academic Issues, grief, sleep Issues, Body Image, Self-confidence, Anger, Child Counselling.

She believes that every individual is unique and the journey of healing internally, starts at the very first step of seeking help and the will inside them to change into a better version of themselves.

jensey .jpg


Consultant Psychologist

Experience - 2 years
Fee - 

I am Jensey, a counselling psychologist and a school counsellor by profession. I have 2+ years of experience in the field of Psychology and had provided services as a School counselor  and in an NGO, I had worked with clients from various backgrounds and different age groups.


What I like the most about my work is that I get to support individuals to take action in changing their lives for better. More often we dwell on what is happening, than what can be done now. Through counseling I strive to collaborate with my clients, acknowledging and validating what is happening for them in the present, further working towards what they can do to improve their personal lives. I work with people on relationship issues, family concerns, trauma and abuse, demotivation, work related issues with the help of various psychological approaches that cater to their specific needs.


I have completed Master's in Counselling psychology and Diploma in Child Psychology. I am trained in various approaches of counselling and I believe in electric approach and humanistic approach in psychology. I am specialized in CBT, Healing the inner child and Drama therapy. I am currently pursuing Diploma in Transactional analysis.

 I believe that every individual is capable of finding solutions to their  problems by looking into there  beliefs and experiences.