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Meet our Team




Pavithra, the co-founder of Wevolve Mental Health Services is practicing as a Mental Health counsellor. She is trained in various approaches of Counselling and Psychotherapy. She adopts an eclectic approach towards Counselling with a special inclination towards CBT and Humanistic approach. She strives to help people fulfil their potential and maximize their well-being by providing a safe space for people to navigate their emotional issues. 

She graduated from TISS-BALM where she completed Master’s in Applied Psychology with Specialisation in Clinical Psychology and is currently pursuing a diploma in Transactional Analysis.

Aside from her profession, she is passionate about creating sustainable art, enjoys trekking and binge-watching series.


Solomon A.D.

Lead - Graphic Design

A Human Resource Professional with a background in Psychology Solomon feels forever grateful to his degree in Psychology for laying concrete foundation in his life both personally and professionally. His special interests lies in the domain of People Analytics and Data Visualizations.

Being a remarkable Graphic Designer, Solomon effectively delivers the impact of our content through his creative illustrations. His 
use of art as a medium to express himself, allows his communication to flow as elegantly as his designs. A Table Tennis  enthusiast and a passionate cook, Solomon revels in various hobbies periodically. People who know Solomon, would have certainly encountered his explorative energy, his warm personality, and some freshly baked goodies.

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Menaka Devi


Menaka Devi is pursuing her Bachelor in Psychology 
She is passionate about understanding human behaviour and mental processes, actively engaging with various psychological theories and methodologies. 
Beyond academics, Menaka Devi actively seeks opportunities to expand her knowledge through research, workshops, and advocacy work. She looks forward to applying her expertise to address real-world challenges and make a positive impact in the field of psychology.

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